Baggage Information (Vietnam Airlines)

Baggage Information (Vietnam Airlines)

  • Hand Baggage
  • Checked Baggage Allowance
  • Excess Baggage
  • Special Baggage
    • Sports Baggage
    • Bike and Bulky Baggage
    • Pet in Cabin (PETC)
    • Pets/Animals as checked baggage
    • Cabin Baggage
    • Remains
  • Baggage Restrictions & Disclaimer
    • Disclaimer
    • Dangerous goods
    • Fragile items
    • Perishable items
    • Liquid
    • Valuable items
  • Baggage Security Check
  • Mishandled Baggage
    • Pilfered/damaged baggage
    • Delayed/lost baggage
    • Baggage liability

Hand Baggage

General conditions 
Each passenger can carry onboard a free baggage allowance : two pieces for Business class passenger and one piece for Economy class passenger. Each piece has a maximum weight of 7kg and the sum of three dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm) or (22 x 14 x 9 inches). Vietnam Airlines refuse to carry unchecked baggage and may require the passenger to check his baggage in case it exceeds the quantity, weight and dimensions as specified above. 

In general, Vietnam Airlines adopts the international standard hand baggage policy. Individual carriers may, however, apply a different hand baggage allowance. If your journey involves a connection to other carrier(s), you are advised to check with these carriers for details of their policies and ensure compliance. 

Additional items could be carried on board 
In addition to free baggage allowance, each passenger may carry, without additional charges, the following personal objects for use during embarking, disembarking or onboard, provided that such objects are retained by passenger's custody:

  • A handbag, pocket book or lady's purse, i.e., which is appropriate to normal traveling dress and is not used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage;
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket;
  • An umbrella or walking stick (except one with metal-filled sharp pointed end)
  • A laptop computer, a small camera and/or a binoculars;
  • A reasonable amount of reading materials for in-flight reading only;
  • Infant's food for consumption in flight;
  • Infant's carrying basket or bassinet;
  • A fully collapsible wheel chair.
  • A pair of crutches and/or braces or other prosthetic device for the passenger's use.

Restricted Items 
The following items which in a passenger’s possession may be considered as weapons or dangerous objects and are not accepted as carry-on luggage:

  • All knives, including hunting knives and others;
  • Swords;
  • Bludgeons, blackjacks, billy clubs or similar instruments;
  • Any other device or object not commonly viewed as dangerous, but the possession of which suggests that it may be used as a weapon, namely, ice picks, straight (cut-throat) razors, long-blade scissors, etc.

If any of these items are found in your carry-on luggage, they will be confiscated by security, and not returned to you. Vietnam Airlines will not assume any responsibility for confiscated items. The above dangerous objects are only acceptable to carry as checked baggage. 

Firearms and cartridges belonging to ordinary passengers and approved by government authority for carriage and those officials who have been assigned to travel on duty, such as a law-enforcement officers delivering criminals should be carried in the checked baggage. These passengers are required to surrender such arms and cartridges to the airlines prior to boarding for handling in accordance with air transport regulations

Checked Baggage Allowance

  • All locations except Americas 


Class of service 

Maximum combined weight 

Within Asia

Business Class

30 kg

Economy Class

20 kg


10 kg



Business Class

40 kg

Deluxe Economy Class

40 kg

Economy Class

30 kg


10 kg

  • To/from Americas


 Class of service

 Maximum Weight

 Maximum number of pieces

 Maximum dimension per piece

To/ From North, Central and South Americas

Business Class

 23 kg


158 cm (62 in)

Economy Class

 23 kg


158 cm (62 in)3


 23 kg


115 cm (45 in)



1 Infant is defined as passenger of under 2 years old who does not occupy a seat.
2 Plus one collapsible stroller
3 The sum of three dimensions of the two pieces does not exceed 273cm (107 in)

Excess Baggage

Weight System

Domestic within Vietnam

Flight/ Sector

(including VAT)


VND 40,000 / 1 kg

Between SGN and HPH/VII/VDH

VND 40,000 / 1 kg


VND 20,000 / 1 kg


Zone 1: Vietnam, Laos,  Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand
Zone 2: Russia in Europe and Southeast Asia, South Asian Subcontinent, Japan/Korea, North/Central Pacific, Southwest Pacific (except Zone 1 and Japan) 
Zone 3: Japan and Europe, Middle East, Africa (except Russia in Europe)



Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 1

USD 5 / kg

USD 10 / kg

USD 20 / kg

Zone 2

USD 10 / kg

USD 20 / kg

USD 30 / kg

Zone 3

USD 30 / kg

USD 40 / kg

USD 50 / kg


Piece System


Maximum weight per bag

Maximum dimension per bag

Regulation for number of Piece


To/ From North, Central and South Americas

23 kg (50 lbs)

158 cm (62 in)

From 3rd to 10th checked piece

USD 150 per piece

Over 23 kg (50 lbs) up to 32 kg (70 lbs)

158 cm (62 in)

Per piece

USD 50

Over 32 kg (70 lbs) up to 45 kg (100 lbs)

158 cm (62 in)

Per piece

USD 450

23 kg (50 lbs)

Over 158 cm (62 in) up to 203 cm (80 in)

Per piece

USD 175

23 kg (50 lbs)

Over 203 cm (80 in) up to 292 cm (115 in)

Per piece

USD 300

Note: Separate fees are applied for exceeding size, weight, and quantity limitations. 
E.g. 1 extra piece of baggage exceeds the weight and size limits, it will be subject to three fees: one for the extra bag, one for the weight limit, and one for the size restrictions. Fees are charged for each additional bag, each way.


Free baggage allowance and Extra Baggage Charges on itineraries involving other airlines

In compliance with the new baggage policy issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), free baggage allowance and extra baggage charges for tickets issued on or after 1 April 2011 which involve one or more flights provided by other airlines will be based on a new method. Please contact your travel agent or local reservations office for more details.

Special Baggage

Sports Baggage 

Sport Baggage accepted for carriage includes the following:

  • Golf set: One golf set includes one golf bag containing maximum 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, T-shaped devices with total weight of not more than 20 kg. Equipment other than above-mentioned items shall not be regarded as golf set.
  • Snow ski set: A snow-ski set includes one set of skis, a pair of ski poles, and a pair of ski shoes or boots. Equipment other than above-mentioned items shall not be regarded as standard ski set.
  • Surfboard: A sport equipment for wave surfing includes a surfboard
  • Scuba diving equipment: Scuba diving equipment set includes a scuba cloth, a breath tube, a pair of screws, and a diving mask. The equipment that belongs to the dangerous goods group (for example: pressure- gauge, scuba) shall not be accepted.

The request for transport of Sport Baggage must be booked in advance at least 24 hours prior to the flight’s estimated time of departure (ETD). 

Sport Baggage must be packed in a neat manner without sharp-pointed angles to ensure safe transport. 

Bike and Bulky Baggage 
Bulky baggage to be carried as checked baggage includes large size items (total dimensions of exceeding 203 cm) and/or overweight ones (weighing over 32 kg/baggage). Bulky baggage must be packed in a neat manner without sharp-pointed angles. 

Bikes to be carried as checked baggage include all kind of regular bikes, sport bikes, powered bikes (operated by thermo-battery or electric-battery etc.). 

Bike must be packed in a manner that satisfies the following requirements:

  • Handle bars are positioned along the length direction of the bike.
  • Disassemble and pack the bulky parts like: pedal, lamp, mirror, support pole
  • The tires must be flatted/deflated before being packed
  • Bike must be packed in box.

Pet in Cabin (PETC)

  • Offer to Business Class, Platinum and Elite Plus of Skyteam passenger on the direct flights operated by VN from Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat to Charles De Gaulle (France), Shremetyevo 3 (Russia), Incheon, Busan (Korea), Canton (China).
  • PETC reservation must be made in advance; minimum 36 hours before departure
  • PETC should be accompanied by valid health and rabies vaccination certificate, entry permit and other documents required by countries of departure, transit and entry.
  • This service will be charged

Please contact to Vietnam Airlines ticketing offices or agents for futher information. 

Pets/Animals as checked baggage 
Pets carried as checked baggage include dog, cat and bird. Other animals can only be carried as cargo.

  Request for Pets services should be made at least 24 hours prior to time of departure.

  Pets should be accompanied by valid health and rabies vaccination certificate, entry permit and other documents required by countries of departure, transit and entry.

  Passenger requiring pets services shall assume all risks of injury, sickness or death during carriage.

 Only pets in healthy state without offensive smell is accepted for carriage. Bad health condition or pregnant Pets shall be rejected.

  This service will be charged.Cabin Baggage 
Cabin baggage (CBBG): For fragile, bulky or high value items such as large musical instrument, painting or antique bottle which are not suitable to load in cargo compartment could be carried as block seat baggage in cabin. CBBG services request should be made at least 24 hour prior to ETD. 

Articles too large or of weight over 75 kg per seat, pressure on seat over 0.046 kg/cm2 (equivalent to 75 kg/40cmx40cm seat area) shall not be accepted. Three-dimension size of CBBG should not exceed 40cm x 50cm x 160cm for B777, A330, A321, A320 and not exceed 40cm x 50cm x 95cm for F70 and ATR72. 

CBBG must be packed to ensure not scratch the seat, or harm the nearby passenger. 

This service will be charged. 

Dead body is only accepted and carried as cargo and must follow cargo handling regulations. 

Ashes may be accepted as carry-on baggage or checked baggage provided that passenger possesses Quarantine Certification of Medical Center (City or Province level). Ashes must be firmly packed so that it can withstand clashing. 

Remains shall only be accepted as checked baggage in domestic flights, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • An agreement must be made in advance between passenger and carrier.
  • Remains must be granted Quarantine Certification by Medical Center (City or Province level).
  • Remains must be firmly packed and put in hard container to ensure not to be damaged and smelled, observing the instruction of Medical Center.

Baggage Restrictions & Disclaimer

Vietnam Airlines will not be responsible for any damage of baggage due to force majeure including but not limited to act of God, war, strike, trade embargo... 

Vietnam Airlines will not responsible for damage due to items or objects inside the passenger’s baggage. In case items contained in the baggage of customers led to the damage of Vietnam Airlines’s assets or other passenger’s baggage, the passenger must compensate all the damage and loss that Vietnam Airlines has to bear due to the that damage. 

Vietnam Airlines will not responsible for damage of fragile, perishable items, money, jewelry, note, bond or any valuable documents, passport, identity paper, sample contained in the checked baggage whether Vietnam Airlines knows passenger put those items or objects in their bags or not. Vietnam Airlines will not responsible for handling complaint sent after time limits for claim. 

Vietnam Airlines will not responsible for compensating for any damage which is discovered outside the baggage claim area or in case Vietnam Airlines is not informed about the damage right at the baggage claim area. 

Responsibility of Vietnam Airlines for baggage attached limited release tag

 For baggage rejected at gate due to over weight or oversize and attached limited release tag, Vietnam Airlines will not responsible for paying the delay compensation.

 For the baggage attached limited release due to damage, improper coverage, fragile, perishable, … Vietnam Airlines will not responsible for any complaint of damage which has been waved of responsibility


Dangerous goods 
Dangerous Goods are article or substance which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment such as acids, radioactive materials, poisons and explosives but also certain unlikely items such as magnets, wheelchair with wet-cell batteries, breathing apparatus with compressed gas cylinders, bull semen packed in dry ice, pesticides, etc. 

Articles and substances which are classified as dangerous goods, except those, which are forbidden for transport by air, must be shipped as cargo under special packing requirements and handling procedures. However, some articles/substances may be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage. 

Please contact Vietnam Airlines booking offices and agents for the details. 

Fragile items 
Fragile items, such as: glass products, liquors etc., should not, in principle, be accepted as checked baggage, however, if passenger insists, owing to his unsuitable size of baggage (for loading on cabin), such items may be accepted as checked baggage only at the owner’s risk. 

Perishable items 
The items listed below are considered perishable:

  • Fresh or frozen foodstuff, such as: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and bakery products.
  • Floral and nursery stock, such as flowers, fruits and vegetable plants.
    Cut flowers and foliage, such as: floral displays

In principle, perishables are not accepted as checked baggage. However, in some instances a perishable item may not be suitable to be carried in the cabin, and rejection of carriage may seem impractical, such items may be accepted as checked baggage at the owner’s risk. 

The container of the perishable must be firmly packed. The packing should be ensured that there is no loss of contents or damage to other baggage. 

The passenger should be reminded of the relevant quarantine regulations and that no refund shall be made against excess baggage charges paid in case of confiscation either at the station of origin or destination. 

Perishables (such as: durian, salted fish, shrimp etc.) that have strong smell will not be allowed to be carried as checked and unchecked baggage. However, if such kinds of perishables are firmly packed so that they cannot be smelled, they may be accepted as checked baggage. 

Each passenger is allowed to carry the capacity of liquids not greater than 1000 ml with them or in his/her cabin baggage on board the aircraft. Exemption shall be made for liquids, gels and aerosols including medications, baby milk/foods and special dietary requirements or liquids purchased either at airport duty free shops or on board aircraft. 

All liquids are required to be carried in bottles, vials or containers with a capacity not greater than 100 ml and be completely closed. Such bottles, vials and containers must fit comfortably within the transparent plastic bag; only one transparent bag per passenger is permitted. 

Medications have to be accompanied by prescriptions which clearly state the name and address of the doctor who prescribed the medicine, the full name of the person on the air tickets or boarding pass in case of electronic ticket. Baby milk/foods have to be accompanied by the baby when taken on board the aircraft. 

The liquids purchased either at airport duty free shops or onboard the aircraft are exempted from the above limitation of capacity provided that such liquids are packed in a transparent sealed plastic bag provided by the seller, that is tamper-evident. The proof of purchase at airport duty free shops, or on board aircraft has to be displayed satisfactorily with the name of the shop and date of purchase without the opening of the bag. 

Valuable items 
Checked baggage shall not include money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware, negotiable papers, securities or other valuable items, business documents, passports and other identification document or samples.

Baggage Security Check

For safety and security reasons, the carrier may request passengers to permit a search of their person and baggage, and may search the passengers’ baggage in their absence if they are not available for such permission to be sought, for the purpose of determining whether they are in possession of, or whether their baggage contains any prohibited or limited items. If passengers are unwilling to comply with such a request, the carrier may refuse to carry them or their baggage. In such case, the carrier will not accept liability for the carriage of passengers and their baggage, except for refunding the ticket(s), applying the carrier’s current regulations.

Mishandled Baggage

Pilfered/damaged baggage 
Upon the receipt of the baggage, passenger must inform immediately any irregularities (pilferage, damage, delay) at the baggage claim (Lost and Found counter) for Vietnam Airlines ‘s staff to open a property irregular report (PIR). 

At Noibai International Airport:
Lost and Found counter: 1st floor of Noibai International Airport – Hanoi City – Viet Nam.
Telephone: (84-4)38840008 or (84-4)38865002 extension 3134 

At Tan Son Nhat Internation Airport:

Lost and Found counter Terminal 2 - Tan Son Nhat International Airport - Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam
Telephone: (84-8) 35470415 or (84-8) 38446665 extension 6062
E-mail: lost&

Receipt by the passenger without complaint is the prima facie evidence that the baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the document of carriage. 

Delayed/lost baggage 
In the event that you arrive at the destination without your checked baggage, please be assured that we will do everything possible to assist you. We apologize for the mishandling of your baggage and will do our best to trace your baggage and deliver it to you as soon as possible. 

Your baggage details have been entered into our worldwide computerized baggage tracing system, please click here to display information about your delayed bag. 

In the case of delay, the person entitled to the delivery must complain to the carrier, at the latest, within twenty one (21) days (basing on the seal of post office if any) from the date the baggage has been placed at his disposal. 

In the case of lost baggage, the person entitled to the delivery must complain to the carrier, at the latest, within twenty one (21) days (basing on the seal of post office if any) from the date the baggage should have been received by the passengers. 

Every complaint must be made in writing and dispatched within the time-limits mentioned above. Any complains failing to arrive within the time-limits and not in writing form shall not be considered to process. 

Baggage Delivery 

We will advise you as soon as your baggage is located and will deliver it to the address you specified, subject to local Customs regulations. Alternatively, you may collect your baggage at the airport 

Baggage liability 
For flights where Warsaw Convention 1929 amended by Protocol Hagues 1955 applies:

  • The limits of Vietnam Airlines’s liability for checked baggage is USD 20 per kg (or other currency equivalent)
  • Limits of Vietnam Airlines’s liability for cabin baggage does not exceed USD 400 per passenger (or local currency equivalent)

For European routings (flight to or from an European Union (EU) country – where EC Regulation 785/2004 dated 21/4/2004 applies)

 Limits of Vietnam Airlines’s liability for damage of baggage (including cabin baggage, belongings, checked baggage) is not exceeding 1000SDR/ passenger (or local currency equivalent)

 In case of both cabin baggage and check baggage of a passenger are damaged for various reasons, compensation is made according to the actual damage but not exceeding the limits of Vietnam Airlines’s liability for that passenger (SDR 1000 or local currency equivalent)

  This regulation does not apply for value-declared baggage. 

Limits of Vietnam Airlines’s liability for baggage requiring a seat in the cabin (CBBG) does not exceed the limits of Vietnam Airlines’s liability for checked baggage.

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