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Floating Market - a "specialty" of the Can Tho Tourism

Information on the airport in Can Tho

Go to Can Tho, Tra Noc airport will be the first stop of customers. International airports Tra Noc be put into operation from 1/1/2011, 4E-level standards of the International Aviation Organization ICAO. Airports in Binh Thuy district, located along the Hau River, east of the airport early this flies 700m from the Hau River, a canal north of Tra Noc 500m west by the canal Ms. Li. Airport connected to the city center by road Mau Can Tho. To go from the airport to the other districts of the city of Can Tho you can choose taxi or motorcycle taxi is transportation. Taxi prices here usually at 15,000 VND / km, but if you choose to travel by taxi, the price will be slightly cheaper.

Airlines exploit routes to Can Tho

Currently, Tra Noc airport (Tho) are 2 airline of Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air registered exploit domestic routes, including Vietnam Airlines has 2 routes Hanoi - Need, Phu Quoc - Can Tho. Vietjet also has two routes: Hanoi - Can Tho and Da Nang - Can Tho. Additionally, Tra Noc airport also welcomed the international airline routes extraction from Taipei (Taiwan) to Can Tho. In time to come, Can Tho International Airport will open routes to Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, North East Asia region.

Flight and airfare to Can Tho

Currently, in order to Can Tho, customers can easily migrate by air with routes such as:

+ Routes Hanoi - Can Tho now being exploited by 2 Vietjet Airlines and Vietnam Airlines with an average frequency of about 3 flights / day. In particular, Vietnam Airlines has 2 flights / day and Vietjet 2 flights / day. However, on holiday, or Tet peak tourist season the company will be more flights to cater to enhance the travel needs of the people. Airfares for this stage usually ranges from 399.000d - 799.000d.

+ Da Nang route - Can Tho routes currently only exploit frequency Vietjet 1 flight / day. Flights depart at 12:30 at Danang airport. The fare for this flight time usually ranges from 480.000d.

+ Routes Phu Quoc - Can Tho: Vietnam Airlines' monopoly is operated with a frequency 1 flight / day. The fare for this flight time usually ranges from 1.150.000d.

+ Routes Taipei - Can Tho is operated with a frequency of about 22 flights / day. Fares for this stage in the range of 310 USD - 3674 USD.

+ Route Bangkok - Can Tho is operated with a frequency 24 flights / day in which airlines Vietnam Airlines flight number of the largest catering. The fare for this flight sector ranged 161 USD - 1585 USD.

Note: This is a one-way ticket price, which is calculated at the present time, excluding tax charges.

Consultants booking flights to Can Tho best price

According to the survey, the airlines offer regular Vietjet cheapest rates for routes to Can Tho. Meanwhile, Vietnam Airlines Although airlines do not offer cheap fares Vietjet but highly pleased customers by stable quality service strategy along the free baggage allowed up to 20kg.

You can refer to the flight service 3 domestic airlines here: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar .

If you were about to be scheduled to Can Tho, the tickets should be placed before 2 months to get the best rates from airlines. If travel plans Tho, you should regularly update the information promotion, cheap airline tickets website: Normally the airline will launch promotions in Can Tho flights to catch a new tourist season (from December to April next year). Or at the least little hotel in the rainy season (from May to November).

Cheap airfare is a great opportunity for your Can Tho trip extra savings. You can leave the "hunt" the plane ticket cost only: 0 COPPER, COPPER 9000, 124,000 CONTRACT ... of airline Vietjet in the series: "Happy Hour Deals", "12H and stop Vietjet "... You can also" watch "flights to can Tho cheap from the program" weekend super promotion "Jetstar or the" 5 golden day promotion "was still Vietnam Airlines Airlines Launches regular monthly.

Besides, to have the plane tickets to Can Tho best price you should avoid booking on weekends (6.7 minutes, CN) because the price will be higher than usual. You should forward or backward to find their own day cheaper fares. In addition, night flights are often cheaper during the day, so you can be flexible about flight times to make a reasonable choice.

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