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If you are looking for your flights to Da Lat to fare well, you should take note of the time, how to buy tickets as well as capture the information on the airline operators this flight sector. For customers who are most pleasing journey to the "City of Eternal Spring" Dalat, pleased to provide advice and useful information and advice that is sure you will not be able to skip below.Dalat dreams

Dalat dreams

Information in Dalat airport

Lien Khuong International Airport - Dalat, is now the only international airport and the largest in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, close to the city center 28 km to the south. Airport is located next to Highway 20, under Lien Nghia Town, Duc Trong district. To move to the city center you can use taxi services such as Mai Linh, Phuong Trang ... Or you can catch the airport bus for $ 40,000 - 50,000. Ride takes about 45 minutes (45 minute frequency / trip), paying car at Le Thi Hong Gam Street Dalat market close. Buses will serve continuously until the end of the flight. If more people come, you can reserve a private car with vehicles from 4 seats to 45 seats for $ 400,000 - 450,000 VND / trip (7 seats), 800,000 (16 seats), 2,000,000 (45 seats) ...

Airlines exploit routes to Dalat

There are three domestic airline operators to Dalat route is Vietnam Airlines ; Vietjet Air and Jetstar. Along with that is the international airline operators to Dalat route as Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways; Korean Air; Asiana Airlines; Jetstar Asia; Singapore Airlines; Malaysia Airlines ...

Flight and airfares to Dalat

- The domestic flight: There are 4 routes from inland cities to Dalat, please Statistical these routes are as follows:

+ Hanoi - Da Lat

+ Ho Chi Minh City - Da Lat

+ Vinh - Dalat

+ Da Nang - Da Lat would like to send you a schedule to fly to Da Lat in the popular routes below:

+ Routes Hanoi - Da Lat: exploited by 3 airlines Vietnam Airlines; Vietjet Air and Jetstar . Specific Fares: Vietnam Airlines 899.000d (average 2 flights / day) with the flight time is: 1h50p. Vietjet Air has 900,000 (average 1 trip / day), time flies: 1h50p. 890.000d Jetstar fare (average of 1 flights / day), journey: 1h50p.

+ Routes HCMC - Da Lat as of the present time have only been exploited by 3 airlines Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar and Vietjet Air. Specific Fares: Vietnam Airlines has 499.000d priced (average 2 flights / day) and flight time is: 0h50p; Vietjet Air has 199.000d preferential rates (average of 1 flights / day), the flight time is: 0h50p, Jetstar 1 trip / day at a price of 99.000d

+ Routes Vinh - Da Lat by airline Vietjet Air exploit price: 1.060.000d (1 airline flights / day) and flight time is 1h35p.

+ Routes Danang - Dalat only national airlines Vietnam Airlines operates the 800,000 ticket price (1 airline flights / day), implemented in 1h25p journey.

Note: This is a one-way ticket price, calculated at the present time, excluding tax charges.

You can refer to the flight service 3 domestic airlines here: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar.

- The international flights: In addition to the domestic flight sector also has many international routes, such as Bangkok to Da Lat - Da Lat; Tokyo - Da Lat; Singapore - Dalat, Phnom Penh - Da Lat ....

+ Routes Singapore - Da Lat: being exploited by many companies such as Malaysia Airlines, Jetstar Asia, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines ... with prices ranging from 111 USD - 871 USD.

+ Routes Tokyo - Da Lat: exploited by airline Asiana Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines flight .. same lot price from 748 USD - 2701 USD.

Consultants booking flights to Da Lat best

Dalat flights to be operated by three airlines Vietnam Airlines; Vietjet Air and Jetstar. In particular, the carrier Vietjet Air or have promotions with preferential rates such as 10,000; VND22,000 ... But the promotions usually do not take place at a specific time, so if you want to own cheap tickets to Da Lat, the best way is that you should regularly monitor the information in

Especially around December to January, in Da Lat Flower Festival takes place largest country. You will have the opportunity to admire the thousands of different flowers blooming at the same dreamy Da Lat city. However this will be the moment the price of services, the hotel is quite high, so you need to choose the right time to book tickets quickly owns Cheap tickets to save money.

Time to buy airline tickets to Da Lat savings rates are at least one month before departure. Thus if there were plans to Dalat, you should consult fares and book tickets early. Find Cheap Flights function at Per Month will be an effective tool to help you get an overview of airfares of firms in both 1 month. You will unleash compare and choose their own itinerary satisfied. Thus, the ticket to Da Lat will become easier than ever when you use our services.

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So what else do you hesitate? Visit soon to Dalat flight bookings with the best price. agent is the official fares 3 domestic airlines and more than 350 international airlines. Just enter your place of departure, destination, date of travel, dates and number of people, our system will automatically display the following airfares to Dalat of all airlines to choose from.

You need to book a flight to Dalat? Just pick up the phone and call (+84) - 948 392 056 - Switchboard of flight bookings for advice and care by the staff and ownership of plane ticket to Dalat with good price Best.

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