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Booking flights to Da Nang can never easier at Owning endless coastline with blue waters, white sand beaches and fresh atmosphere, the coastal city of Da Nang is always ready to welcome you!Immediately following, will provide useful information such as fares, the airlines, the time to buy airline tickets to Da Nang, so you can choose for themselves the journey like the best!

My Khe - one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet

My Khe - one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet

Information Da Nang airport

Flights to Da Nang will take you to the city was voted the most liveable Vietnam. International air port of Da Nang is located in Hai Chau district, 3km from the city center. 2014 Dragonair (Hong Kong) ranked better Danang Airport 3rd of 96 airports that the airline operators. There are three domestic airlines and international airlines such as Air Asia, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Shanghai Airlines ... are routes to Da Nang. From the airport you can travel by taxi, such as Mai Linh Taxi, Taxi Aviation ... with time to the center takes about 5-10p. You can also hire cabs for $ 50,000 / h.

Airlines exploit routes to Da Nang

- The domestic flight: There are nine routes from inland cities to Danang. statistics apply these routes are as follows:

+ Ban Me Thuot - Da Nang

+ Pleiku - Danang

+ Hanoi - Da Nang

+ Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang

+ Haiphong - Da Nang

+ Vinh - Da Nang

+ Nha Trang - Da Nang

+ Da Lat - Da Nang

+ Can Tho - Da Nang


You can consult airfares to Da Nang in popularity following routes:

+ Routes Hanoi - Da Nang: operated by 3 airlines Vietnam Airlines; Vietjet Air and Jetstar. Specific Fares: Vietnam Airlines fares ranging from 1.015.000d - 2.050.000d (an average of 10 flights / day) with the flight time is: 1h20p. Vietjet Air has ticket prices ranging from 199.000d - 930.000d (average 7 flights / day) with a flight time: 1h15p. Jetstar fares ranging from 720.000d (average 2 flights / day) and duration of journey: 1h20p.

+ Routes HCMC - Da Nang are also exploited by 3 airlines Vietnam Airlines; Vietjet Air and Jetstar. Specific Fares: Vietnam Airlines fares ranging from 499.000d - 2.050.000d (an average of 11 flights / day) with about flight time: 1h20p; Vietjet Air has ticket prices ranging 399.000d - 480.000d (average 7 flights / day), time flies: 1h15p; Jetstar fares ranging 370.000d (average 4 flights / day) and flight time is: 1h20p.

Note: This is a one-way ticket price, calculated at the present time, excluding tax charges.

These routes such as Hai Phong / Vinh / Nha Trang - Danang almost exclusively exploited by the national airlines Vietnam Airlines.

You can refer to the flight service 3 domestic airlines here: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar .

- The international flights: In addition to the domestic flight sector also has many international flights to Da Nang as: Beijing - Da Nang; Seoul - Da Nang; Singapore - Danang, Wenzhou - Danang ....

Consultants booking flights to Da Nang best price

Time flights to Da Nang with high prices: Festival travel peak season (from May to August). The best fares are usually applied to carriers flying time after Tet and around September to November.

In particular, the last holiday period beginning April May (30/4 - 1/5), you can book tickets to Da Nang to enjoy performances fireworks unique world on the Han River. However, at this time, the airfares, hotel rates, as well as other travel services at a high level.

Fly to Danang journey also frequently Vietjet Air, Jetstar launched promotional programs as 99.000d, 199.000d ... but quantity is limited, so to get the plane tickets to Da Nang your lifestyle encourages you to consult and early booking fares for at least 1 month to have the opportunity to choose the best suitable itinerary.

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Access to book flights to Da Nang at the best prices. agent is the official fares 3 domestic airlines and more than 350 international airlines. With just enter place of departure, destination, date of travel, dates and number of people, you can easily search for the journey, compare airfares among airlines, see more information flights, book and pay online quickly in just 3 minutes.

You need to book a flight to Da Nang? Just pick up the phone and call (+84)- 948 392 056 - Switchboard of flight bookings, staff will help our effort for you to fly to Danang dear quickly and easily than ever before .

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