Booking ticket guide

Four easy and fast steps to book cheap flight to Vietnam on CHEAPFLIGHTVIETNAM.ORG

At the “SEARCH FLIGHTS” area of home page website, you can make the booking for airline ticket by some steps as below:

STEP 1: Choose itinerary


DOMESTIC: For Vietnam domestic flights

INTERNATIONAL: For all kind of international flight from Vietnam, to Vietnam or from any countries to the others.

Box No. 1: Choose your itinerary which you want to fly "One Way" or "Return"

Box No. 2: Choose the city of departure. You can type a city name or select from the menu that appears when click to the Box No. 2.

Box No. 3:Choose the city of arrival. You can type a city name or select from the menu that appears when click to the Box No. 3.

Box No. 4: Choose the date of departure in Box No. 4. If you fly round - the return date will appear next to your selection.

Box No. 5: Select the number of passengers that you want to book tickets.

Box No. 6:After finishing all the selections, click "SEARCH FLIGHTS"

Search flight box examle

Cheap Flight Vietnam 

STEP 2: Select the suitable flight

When the website shows information of flight for detail

Box No. 1:Select the flight which suits for you and click on the "Select". Website will automatically take to the next step.

Box No. 2:You can change the date of departure in menu of Box No. 2.

Box No. 3:CHEAPFLIGHTVIETNAM.ORG usually arrange flights by price from low to high. You can change the sort by click the option in the Box No. 3

Box No. 4:You can quickly select your favorite airline in Box No. 4

Choose the flight example


Choose the suitable flight

STEP 3: Fill out the information

Box No. 1:Check your booking information again for exactly.

Box No. 2: Enter the name of passengers flying into the Box No. 2

For flights of the low-cost carrier, you can choose whether to buy or not for luggage as an option.

Box No. 3:Fill to form for information of contact person to Box No. 3 which we can contact and send booking information.

Please note that filling the phone number and email for exactly because we will contact you according to this information.

Box No. 4:If you want to get the invoice, please tick the box "I want to get invoice" and fill the information there.

Box No. 5: You can choose the payment method: Pay online by Credit Card via Onepay gateway (We accept VISA, MASTER CARD,JCB, Union Pay, American Express,…), Pay via Paypal gateway by Credit Card, Pay by bank transfer, Pay at the office.

Box No. 6:To finish this step you can click on the "Book" button. You need wait until the website finishes the task, please don’t close or refresh the web browse during time.

Flight detail booking example

Detail Flight booking

Fill passenger information to form example

Fill passenger information to form Choose the pament method example (For Credit Card, Debit Card via Onepay)

Choose the payment method

Wait for the booking processing example

Wait for the booking processing

Place the payment for booking by Credit Card / Debit Card example

Place the payment by Credit Card

STEP 4: Final step for booking

When the web browse finishes the booking, an email will be sent you to confirm about your booking and your payment status. The electronic airline ticket will be sent you via email after we confirm you finish the payment successful. You can use your ticket following the guide in the email to fly.

Check the email for booking detail example

Check the email for flight booking detail confirmation



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